Claire Kerr

I’m Claire Kerr (the Canadian one, not the British one in Croydon!), a blogger who likes NPtech, alphabetized name badges at registration tables, and posing in front of canals.

Claire Kerr

I’ve been front-line in new media, education, government, fundraising – you name it. Just add “for social good” after the task and it sounds fairly trendy. Now I work hard on behalf of charities to raise lots of money. Please bear with my formatting issues and run-on sentences. I think I heart you already.

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Copy-pasta my official bio here in case I forgot to email it to you for a webinar or something:

Claire Kerr is a not-for-profit veteran who has worked for organizations in the economic development, education, and fundraising sectors. As Director of Digital Philanthropy at Artez Interactive, Claire works with charities as they fundraise through web, social & mobile channels. She writes about issues related to digital media and the civil sector for international marketing blog, charitable sector hub, and on her web site Claire teaches Social Media Community Management and Digital Strategies for Charities & Non-profit Organizations at George Brown College in Toronto.Follow her on Twitter at @snotforprofit.


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