The Social Media Brand Management Apology Matrix

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Sometimes, you have to say “sorry”!

Social Media Brand Management Apology MatrixDon’t you just love a good “brand fail” pile-on? It’s very satisfying to take screen-captures and gleefully explain how some other social media manager got it all so very, very wrong.

But are we thinking enough about the poor corporations suffering whichever latest fail is sure to be name-dropped at conferences for the next two years?

Has anyone taken a moment to consider the needs of the 1%?

We are so cruel to brands that are only trying to “be human” and “engage” so that we buy their wonderful and/or delicious things!

I want to help companies out and save them the $$$ necessary to hire a PR disaster specialist. When something goes horribly wrong on social media and you need to apologize, here’s how you do it…

Use the easy Apology Matrix below and never worry about the “right” brand response ever again!

Earlier today we upset
with an unfortunately
No offense was intended by our
When we were notified by
we addressed this
by immediately
In the future we will be
We took measures to ensure
Our thoughts are with
and we ask that you please
Feedback is important to us


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  1. Tracy / July 25, 2012 at 12:10 am /

    Love this! It’s a rebranded “Mad-Libs” with pseudoapologetic memes. And very clever.

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