The #KONY2012 Blogger Reaction Bingo Card

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Are you struggling to get out a blog post with your official opinion on the success-slash-controversy of the Stop Kony campaign from Invisible Children … But you’ve never had to think about international development or charities before?

All social media pundits must say something about it, but what? What’s the right thing to say when public opinion sways back and forth so quickly? Don’t panic. Use this handy bingo card below to gather your thoughts.

#Kony2012 Bingo Card for Social Media Bloggers

All opinions are equally valid. Five in a row = You win blogging.

Who can benefit from a #KONY2012 Blogger Reaction Bingo Card?


  • Bloggers who believe “Africa” and “Uganda” are interchangeable words.

  • Bloggers with limited time to screencap #stopkony tweets before March Break.

  • Bloggers terribly shocked to discover child soldiers exist because it wasn’t mentioned at CES.

  • Hipster bloggers who think Kony is too popular and would prefer to donate towards stopping a much lesser-known warlord.

  • Pinterest users. How can we leverage the power of Pinterest to save the world?

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  1. Dani / March 12, 2012 at 11:29 am /

    You are my favourite. This is hilarious.

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