Not every F-bomb on Twitter is a Fail

October 17, 2011 at 8:38 pm  •  Posted in Useful by  •  2 Comments

We’re used to seeing companies and charities criticized for “Fail Tweets”. You know what I mean: Personal vs. Work account mistakes, ill-considered or insensitive tweets, links that go to the wrong place, etc.

It’s fun to explain just how failsy the other guy is and What Not To Do in a new space like social media. Nevermind that we’re all learning together and everybody is going to mess-up at least once or five times …

I’m noticing an end effect of reading too many cautionary blog posts can be terrified, tentative late adopters who don’t want to be the next highlighted “fail” in a marketing case study. Nobody wants to explain that publicity to a board of directors.

It’s good to know that sometimes an eyebrow-raising tweet can be deliberate.

Here’s a slightly #nsfw quattro-f-bomb from AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACToronto):


Oh my stars!

Yikes eh?

Well that got my attention, and the attention of one or two other folks who wondered what was up with the language.

ACT turned to their audience for feedback …

“RTing responses to our tweet that used a few naughty words. What do you think about explicit language in sexual health promotion? #HIVcan”


Crowdsourced feedback on F-bombs

If it suits your organization’s mission, brand, identity, and spirit, will you hesitate to do it out of fear or worry about somebody else’s rules? Why not speak to your supporters in the voice that represents you? Your voice doesn’t belong to your consultant, ad agency or intern.


  1. Clare Mc / October 18, 2011 at 10:43 am /

    Great post Claire – I’m just curious if you know if they LOST any followers as a result of the F-Bombing?

  2. Claire Kerr / October 19, 2011 at 9:51 pm /

    I don’t think so but only ACT would know for sure. The responses to the request for feedback seemed very positive.

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