FLAP (the bird)

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Here’s a Hinterland Who’s Who…Have you guys heard about the “Canada Warbler”?

It is commonly found “dead or severely injured below buildings in urban areas.”

FLAP Canadian Warbler

The warbler’s recognizable song begins with chirps and “ceases upon fatal impact with buildings”.

FLAP Warbler

I snapped pics of these FLAP.org ads when I saw them on the TTC. I like the straight-forward tone of the campaign. I especially like the direct call to action: Donate today at FLAP.org.

Hey, here’s a charity that asks for money in their creative!

If “donate” on FLAP.org took you directly to the first stage of making a gift instead of more copy, I’d like it even better.

FLAP is the same group that organized an exhibit of 2,100 dead birds recovered from the base of 16 Toronto towers. Check out the amazing photo.

They have creative offline collateral to give out at events — For instance out this brochure, designed to be printed & folded in the shape of a bird.

Using my highly accurate statistical model, I estimate I’m 300x more likely to hang on to this sucker if it was passed out to me on the street.

FLAP brochure, www.flap.org

This little poster campaign is an example of what you can do through messaging alone when you have limited marketing opportunities and you can’t revamp your entire web site.

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